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Welcome Meeting For 2023 Students

New Academic Performance Initiative

St. Anne’s Girls School has grown from an initial group of six girls to almost 300 today. In 2009, FOSA began focusing on admitting more girls to St. Anne’s via financial need-based scholarships.

FOSA’s continued support and expansion of educational opportunities in Kapkemich have driven an increase in the number of students requesting scholarships. FOSA has established a performance-based requirement as part of awarding scholarships, with students expected to maintain a C- or higher to keep that assistance.

August 2023 – Meeting with some current and past post-secondary FOSA scholars.

FOSA is actively involved in helping students improve their academic performance and is implementing three new programs to support this effort:

  1. Personalized Tutoring – Teachers have created both before- and after-school programs for one-on-one tutoring. Additionally, a break during the day allows students to consult with teachers about needs and challenges with specific subjects.
  2. VWHC Behavioral Health Program – The Virginia Wright Health Clinic is working to address various learning challenges that impact student performance. A survey conducted in January of 2023 helped the clinic identify key areas, including fear of asking questions, consulting a teacher, loss of hope, and various conditions at school and home.
  3. Merit Program Recognizing Top Performers – To encourage and reward academic performance, FOSA scholars will be recognized at the end of each school year based on achievement by subject as well as top performers overall in Forms 1-4 (Freshman – Senior). To provide additional motivation, FOSA will also recognize those who have improved the most across subjects and overall, as well as in music, sports, and leadership.

Our first Merit Scholars awards ceremony will be held while FOSA Board Members from the United States visit this October, at the end of the school year and before the commencement of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Certification (KCSE).

Welcome Party For 2023 Students

Students & Faculty

Form 4 (Graduating Seniors) – Field Trip Reinstatement

In 2019, FOSA sponsored an inaugural 3-day field trip for Form 4 students to experience life outside the borders of Kapkemich to a Kenyan treasure, the Maasai Mara.

Plans were disrupted by the pandemic in 2020 and once schools reopened in late 2020, field trips were on hold because of shortened and compacted school schedules. In 2022, we were able to get Form 4 students a 1-day field trip to visit Lake Victoria and other sites in Kisumu.

Lake Victoria Trip 2022

This year a 3-day field trip to Maasai Mara was planned, but due to the death of the principal’s mother, the trip had to be postponed.  Efforts are underway to obtain special permission to take the field trip in Term 3 – September/October/November.

Maasai Mara Trip 2019

Leadership Changes at St. Anne’s

This has been a tough year for St. Anne’s leadership. Last August, the principal for the past 7+ years was transferred by the government and an interim principal was appointed from within the school’s leadership. This past August a new principal was assigned, and we welcome Sara Mwaura.

FOSA board members Ruth Schukman-Dakotas, Cathy Allin, Ginger Riddle, and Lydia Kageha will meet with Sara and the rest of St. Anne’s faculty in October to continue the conversation around ways to enhance Student Academic Performance, impacts on education of Day Students vs. Boarding students, and the needs for additional boarding accommodations and a new dining/study hall space.


Stay tuned for more updates after the FOSA board members return from their trip this October!