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Thank You from Lydia

By February 14, 2023No Comments

For being a blessing in my Life.

Without you I would not have graduated in December 2022 from the University of Missouri Kansas City Bloch School of Management with my MPA.

As I prepare to return to my home in Kenya, I want to take a moment and let you know how much you all are appreciated. You are true angels to me and to the entire family of Kapkemich.  Through your support I feel confident in my ability to bring big ideas for change to the Kenyan country. I am more grateful to you than any words can express. Few people possess the considerate, unselfish, loving heart that you people have and even fewer are willing to give so much of themselves.

I want to say thank you for all  your kindness and for being wonderful, amazing people that you are. I know I am blessed to have you all in my life and my experience in the United States has been so wonderful because of each one of you.

I am ready to go back home and make the change that I always dreamed about. At first, I thought it would never happen but now with the knowledge and skills  from my education it is going to happen because I have you all around me to fulfill my dreams for a better Kenya. I’m looking forward to building the best health clinic with modern services, clean environments, more girls going to school and bring about the change that is needed; a change in culture that is passed its time by working with everybody from the community and many more.

Happy New Year 2023

Thank you all and be blessed abundantly.

Lydia kageha.