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Happy Holidays from Envision Kenya – Likizo Ya Furaha!

Thank you for continuing to support the Envision Kenya mission this past year! We’d like to share with you some of the many successes we have been able to achieve throughout 2022, as well as our goals for 2023 and beyond. Envision Kenya is the culmination of our work and our journey over the past 13 years. More than a name, Envision Kenya is a theme of unification, one that represents our holistic approach to supporting the young women of Kapkemich, Kenya, and the community around them. Envision Kenya will continue to thrive through the advancement of three core pillars: Education (Friends of St. Anne’s), Health and Wellness (Virginia Wright Healthcare Clinic), and Entrepreneurship Programs.

Thanks to these three core pillars working in unison toward shared goals, Envision Kenya has made incredible strides in building a multifaceted support system, a system that enables these young women – and the communities around them – to thrive and to turn dreams of a better future into a reality. While many of you are familiar with the activities associated with the Education and Health and Wellness pillars of Envision Kenya, our newest pillar, Entrepreneurship Programs, is focused on supporting startup businesses within the community. One entrepreneurial initiative currently in development includes work on opening a water bottling plant.

FOSA Office and Clinic

Another entrepreneurial initiative includes opening a shopping center. The center will consist of contiguous stalls where merchants will offer community members a variety of goods and services – ranging from shops offering essential cleaning and hygiene products, to those selling clothing, an Internet café, an arts and crafts shop, and a beauty salon. In addition to these initiatives, there are also plans to launch vo-tech training and workforce development programs geared toward fulfilling employment skill sets needed within the community.

Operationally, Envision Kenya will serve as an entity to provide administrative support for FOSA, VWHC, and the entrepreneurship programs. FOSA and VWHC will remain as their own separate 501(c)(3) entities with their donations managed accordingly. To keep all informed of on-the-ground efforts and progress being made in Kenya, we’re especially thrilled to announce the launch of! The new website brings the three support pillars together under one digital roof – allowing all interested constituencies to better follow our successes and future plans in Kapkemich.

2022 Successes and Challenges

Recent Successes Include:

  • St. Anne’s Girls School serves 284 students, 130 of which are FOSA scholarship recipients. Current projections put the school at 400 students by 2025.
  • St. Anne’s Girls School has been ranked in the top 10 of the 50 schools in its catchment area.
  • 60 post-secondary scholarships have been granted.
  • Lydia Kageha, our first postgraduate scholarship recipient, graduates with an MPA from the University of Missouri  Kansas City Bloch School on December 18, 2022.

Current Challenges:

  • The dormitory at St. Anne’s houses 225 students and is unable to accommodate the full student body. St. Anne’s currently allows 85 day-students to attend.
  • Lack of an activity center for dining and social events.
  • No on-site counseling or mental health services are available.
  • Negative impacts on education performance and healthcare as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

2023 Goals:

  • Development of counselor-designed performance plans for each FOSA scholarship recipient to assist in setting goals and ensure success.
  • Employment of Lydia Kageha as the on-site Envision Kenya administrator.
  • Upgrade of VWHC from a dispensary into a complete healthcare center.
  • Complete construction on the new VWHC facility.
  • Fund entrepreneurship programs and startups.
  • Establish a venue for the water bottling plant.

Thank You!

Without your generous support, we would not have been able to accomplish everything we have in Kapkemich. All of us are enthusiastic for our future plans and we sincerely thank you for your continued support of this important mission in Kapkemich! Finally, please consider making a donation to the Envision Kenya mission this holiday season. Donations can be made HERE. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Happy Holidays – Likizo Ya Furaha!